Friday, January 12, 2007


Do what now? I'm pretty confused, I understood how to navigate myself around delious, I just don't get why? I guess I just need to look some more to truly get what I would use this for, and if I wouldn't what a patron whom I might be helping would need help with.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Well, even though the 2.0 instruction sheet didn't say to blog about myspace I will while I am waiting to be an approved friend. Robin I think you need to edit the friends of the library and make sure that I am one of the libraries top friends, maybe even number one. Ask Mel and Nikki this means a lot to me. :)

Wiki's and other stuff

I finally did week two, things got a little hectic in circ around the holidays. I would highly recommend doing these weekly as has been asked. I forgot a little bit about the blogging in the month I took off and had to go back and refresh myself...anywho, wiki's well they don't excite me too much. I think I need to fool around a little bit more with some of the examples to appreciate them. Also the light in my office is currently flickering on and off and it's really driving me nuts, hard to concentrate. :) And hey, I just noticed that this thing has spell checker, right on!!